BEZGAR HM163 - 1:16 Scale - RC Racing Hobby Car

BEZGAR HM163 Racing Hobby RC Car is a perfect gift for anyone who loves remote control cars. It’s fast, furious and fun! This car is extra special because it comes with an LED headlight that makes it easy to see where your car is going – even in the dark. You can also paint the shell of the car any color you like to make it your own. Order your BEZGAR HM163 Racing Hobby RC Car today!

  • BEZGAR HMR163 RC Truck is equipped with an LED headlight that will automatically turn on as soon as the remote truck has been turned on. This makes this RC Truck even more realistic. We’ve moved them towards on the edges of the front bumper, to expand the area that is illuminated. In certain cases the LED headlight may also be used to locate the location that is the RC Truck, and identify the direction that the RC Truck or even detect the terrain when there is not enough illumination.
  • The entire chassis of the remote-control vehicle is made from nylon that is a synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide (PA) and is a versatile material with properties like resistance to abrasive forces, resistance to chemical attack and elastic, as well as insulativity, etc. These properties provide the truck the ability to lessen the force generated by collisions and help to extend its lifespan.
  • It is equipped with the type 390 Brushed Motor that can produce higher horsepower to this RC Truck. This makes a massive improvement in the acceleration, and permits the remote controlled truck to operate at a greater speed as well as a higher acceleration when compared to larger-scale RC trucks. Keep in mind that speed is different across different conditions.
  • It has IPX5 Level Waterproof Standard. This electronic speed controller (ESC) or receiver of this hobby quality RC truck comes with several safety features like splash-proof over-current protection, as well as a the battery’s low voltage cut-off protection. The truck can handle water splashes in multiple directions and small puddles , but it is not able to submerge. It is possible that the RC truck will be able to automatically turn off in the event of any submersion on the part Dry it off and you will see that the RC truck is able to go back to work.
  • This high-end model is intended for entry level and intermediate level users who wish to advance to a higher levels of RC trucks for hobbyists or simply get out of their toy RC car. It is because the BEZGAR HM163 comes with full metal components, it comes with an affordable price, and a fast speed and a quick-responding servo. It’s an economical way to start this hobby and has plenty of room for expansion.
Model NO.



10.2*9.1*5.2 inches (1/16)


69.17 ounces / 1.96 KG


390 Brushed Motor/ 18500 rpm


1.8KG.CM Waterproof Metal Steering Servo


2 x 7.4V 800mAh Batteries


40+ Km/h / 25+ mph

Playing Time

2 x 20 mins

Charging Time

About 180mins


2-Front & Rear Differentials