BEZGAR HM123 Hobby Grade - 1:12 Scale - RC Truck

BEZGAR HM123 Hobby Grade is the perfect choice RC Truck. It’s easy to operate and has all the features you want in an RC truck. With its strong body, it can handle tough terrain with ease. Your kids will love this toy! This remote control car comes equipped with a headlight that turns on when the car is turned on, which makes it even more realistic than other toys like it. Plus, there are spare orange body shells included so your child can switch them out whenever they want to change things up or if one gets damaged during playtime! This is definitely one of our most popular products right now because of how fun and durable it is. We know you’ll be happy with your purchase too. Click here to buy this product today!

  • BEZGAR HM123 RC Truck is equipped with a headlight that activates automatically when the remote control is turned on, making the RC Truck even more authentic. The LED headlight can, to some degree, be used to locate the RC Truck, and identify the direction of travel of the RC Truck or even spot terrain when there is insufficient lighting.
  • The entire remote control truck chassis is made of nylon, which is a synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide (PA). Nylon has a lot of characteristics such as abrasion resistance, tolerance to chemicals, elasticity, insulating properties, etc. All of these properties give the truck a better impact reduction ability caused by collisions, which helps prolong its service life.
  • Equipped with a Type 550 brush motor that can reach 16,000 rpm, which creates more power for the RC truck. It gave a huge boost for acceleration and allows the RC truck to have a top speed of 45 km/h, making it more competitive in track racing. However, please keep in mind that the speed is different on different terrains.
  • The electronic speed controllers (ESC) / receiver of this hobby class RC truck has several safety features such as splash-proof, IPX5 waterproof, overcurrent protection and battery low voltage safety shutdown The truck can take water splashes from multiple directions and small puddles, but not immersion. The RC truck will turn off immediately if there is immersion in any part, please dry it off, then it will be all right.
  • The HM123RC truck is a monster car specifically designed for entry level users. It has great durability, a relatively low price, and fairly high speed with a quick response servo. Taking it out of the box and playing with it is a very economical and convenient way to learn the remote control car hobby for the first time.
Model NO.



12.59 x 7.48 x 6.29 Inches (1/12)


3.74 Lb/ 1.7 KG


550 Brushed Motor/ 6000 rpm


2.2 Waterproof Metal Steering Servo


3 x 7.4V 1500mAh Batteries


40+ Km/h/ 25+ mph

Playing Time

3 x 20 Mins

Charging Time

About 120 Min

Remote Distance

About 263 Ft.