BEZGAR HM201 Hobby Grade - 1:20 Scale - RC Truck

Do you want to buy a new toy for your child? Bezgar HM201 (Bezgar 5 formerly) is a perfect gift for boys and girls. This RC car has an extended run time, so it can be played with longer than other toys. It’s also compact in size, so it can be taken anywhere! With just one click of a button on the remote control, your child will have hours of fun racing around their room or outside in the yard! The Bezgar HM201 is fast and easy to use! You won’t find another toy like this on the market today that offers such great features at such an affordable price. Get yours now before they sell out!


  • BEZGAR HM201 RC Truck comes with headlight which is automatically turned off when the remote truck has been turned on, making it possible to make the RC Truck much more real. In certain ways the LED headlight could be used to identify the exact location on the RC Truck, and identify the direction that the RC Truck.
  • The entire chassis of the remote-control vehicle is constructed of nylon, which is a synthetic thermoplastic linear amide (PA) and is known for its properties, including resistance to abrasive forces, resistance to chemical corrosive, elastic, insulativity , etc. These properties provide the truck the capability to minimize the damage caused by collisions , which helps to extend its lifespan.
  • Brushed Motor produces higher power for the RC Truck. This has resulted in a massive improvement in the acceleration, and permits the remote controlled truck to reach a maximum speed as well as a higher acceleration when compared to larger-scale RC trucks. But, keep in mind that speed varies with different types of terrain.
  • Electronic speed control (ESC) and receiver of this RC truck comes with several safety features including splash-proof, IPX5 Water resistance, protection against over-current and low voltage cut-off for batteries safeguards The truck is able to handle water splashes in multiple directions, and even small puddles but no submersion. This RC truck will automatically turn off if there’s submersion on any of the parts Dry it off and it will then be safe.
  • This high-end hobby grade RC truck is made for beginner and intermediate-level users looking to progress toward premium hobby grade or get out of the typical RC car. With its great durability it has a very high speed, incredible controllability, with quick responses. It’s an extremely affordable way to develop your skills and also enjoy the hobby.
Model NO.



7.1*7.3*3.5 inches (1/20)


44.1 ounces/ 1.25 KG


180 Brushed Motor/ 25000 rpm


1KG.CM Waterproof Steering Servo


2*7.4V 500mAh Battery


35+ Km/h / 22+ mph

Playing Time

40 min

Charging Time

180 min


2-Front & Rear Differentials